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Spectrum Clarity emerged as an idea after Elaine Jackson’s own frustrating experience with the early intervention and welfare service system. Her story starts when her child was aged 5 and was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD – Asperger Disorder).

Paediatricians and GPs

Paediatricians and General Practitioners (GPs) are often the first point of contact when parents have concerns about their child’s development or behaviour. Spectrum Clarity has taken a proactive approach to ensure that links are made with Paediatricians/GPs so that they are aware of Spectrum Clarity and the support that can be provided to enable families to have a streamlined entry point into the service system, minimising delays and enhancing opportunities to get the services in place for a family’s child.

Other Key Professionals

Spectrum Clarity recognises that families utilise a range of services such as Maternal Child Health, kindergartens and other services that are universally accessible in order to promote development, well-being and community participation. On this basis, Spectrum Clarity is seeking to build links and partnerships with a broad range of services to enable families to access support that meets their specific needs, in addition to the more specialised services that are required.

Specialist Services

Spectrum Clarity strongly supports inclusive practices, in that each child has the right to participate in a range of mainstream settings, such as preschools, play group and other early childhood settings. However, there are a group of children who need to access specialist services such as speech and language therapy, special education, occupational therapy and other therapies to help them optimise their development and ability to participate in family and community life. Spectrum Clarity will draw on its early childhood knowledge to access the relevant services and supports based on your child’s needs and family context.


We can receive referrals directly from Paediatricians and General Practitioners, although we request that the parent consents to the referral.

Whilst other key professionals and specialist services may contact us directly, we do prefer the parent/carer contacting us directly so that they are active partners with us, as our approach is collaborative.

When you, the parent, make contact us with us, you will immediately speak to a Social Worker as we want to have a personalised conversation with you and guide you through the next steps. If you do not get hold of us immediately, we may be on the telephone with another client or seeing someone. Please leave a message as we will endeavour to return your call within 24 hours.


We will help to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce the stress and anxiety.

The Spectrum Clarity Logo Explained


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