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The Legend of Mickey Tussler

Mickey Tussler

The Legend Of Mickey Tussler – A Novel

by Frank Nappi

In the 1940s, seventeen-year-old Mickey Tussler is recruited to play for a minor league affiliate of the Boston Braves. Arthur Murphy, a scout and coach for the minor league Milwaukee Brewers, swears that Mickey is a phenom-the greatest arm Murph has ever seen. And it might be true. But Mickey also has autism-a disorder still not truly understood even today-which keeps him sealed off from a world he scarcely understands. The minor league Brewers have had one of the worst records in baseball history, and Arthur thinks Mickey’s arm might be just what is needed to right the team. But can Mickey survive and succeed? “The Legend of Mickey Tussler” is a powerful underdog story of how a young man with an extraordinary gift comes of age in a harsh and competitive world that may not be ready for him.

Available at Book Depository for $22.93 (AUS)

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