Parent Support Services

Parent support is a key component to a family getting through the diagnosis that your child may have a Development Delay or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a difficult life event that may trigger anxiety, depression and stress. Spectrum Clarity understand what you are feeling, Elaine our Managing Director has experienced the emotions of such news.

You may find some comfort in the knowledge that mental health issues are common; around one in five Australians will experience a mental illness in any given year. Your mental health can be affected by a number of things such as family environments, cumulative stress, and difficult life events.

The knowledge around Autism Spectrum Disorder has advanced a great deal in recent times. While no two cases are identical there is a very good grasp of what can be done to help your child through the difficulties they are facing.

We understand that parent support through this difficult stage is very important to helping your child. Parents will require emotional support as well as advice to help them make more educated decisions about their child and his or her future.

We also understand this news can have an a enormous impact on your family, the dreams you had for your child and then the day to day aspects of managing a household.  We understand that the needs of other family members cannot be ignored while you dedicate time to trying to find information and support. The news and subsequent realisation of the gravity of the situation can cause additional anxiety and stress for parents.

This can affect your ability to think clearly to work out how best to support your child. At Spectrum Clarity, we want to change that and have a dedicated Accredited Mental Health Social Worker that solely focuses on counselling for parent support.


We will help to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce some of the stress and anxiety.

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