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Endorsement from Tony Attwood, who says:

“From my clinical experience, I have found that physical exercise is far more effective in alleviating anxiety and depression in people with Asperger’s syndrome than medication or psychological therapies.  Unfortunately, those with Asperger’s syndrome tend to think of themselves as clumsy, not suitable for team sports and preferring intellectual sedentary pursuits.

I would very much like to encourage Jeremy’s program as I think this will have great benefit, not only in terms of emotion management and fitness but also in clarity of thoughts and concentration”.

Jeremy Sampson, 29, turned his tough childhood experience into a learning program for autistic kids by developing the ‘Time to Train’.  This is a program to help assist all ages with autism through exercise and personal training.  Take a look at his website – click here

The team at Spectrum Clarity recently met Jeremy at a conference and we felt inspired by his energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.


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