Our Philosophy

Ample research indicates that mothers of children with developmental disabilities are at greater risk for more stress, psychological distress, and poorer health than mothers of typically developing children.*

A growing literature base also suggests that mothers of children with ASD experience higher levels of distress than parents of children with other developmental disabilities, such as Down Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome (Cachia, Anderson and Moore, 2016; Estes at al., 2009). More specifically, mothers of children with autism experience more stress, including chronic stress, greater psychological distress (e.g. symptoms of anxiety and depression); more pessimism and lower positive perceptions of their child, when compared to mothers of children with non-autism developmental delay or no developmental delay (Abbeduto et al., 2004; Estes at al., 2004 (Griffth, Hastings, Nash and Hill, 2010).

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Spectrum Clarity is providing one-on-one support to parents of a child (ren) with Developmental Delay and/or an Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated disorders to get clear and accurate information to help them access the services they need for their child. We provide emotional support to parents because of the increased psychological distress. We also support parents of children and young people up to the age of 18, including key life transitions. Our approach is simple:

  • We listen to you, the parent, about your child within the context of your family; so that we can identify the right services and supports that are going to best fit your family, family pressures and commitments as well as financial circumstances.
  • We will support you to fill out the forms – the paperwork – to help access services more quickly. This can include helping you access the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Additional support with the NDIS may include helping you articulate a plan so that you are better prepared when you meet with a NDIS Planner, as well as assist with purchasing the services you require as we are a Registered NDIS Provider for Support Coordination.

Our service is focused on the Inner and Outer Eastern Region of Metropolitan Melbourne.  In this area, our services are delivered in the comfort of your home. We do not ask that you travel to another professional consulting room. However, we do have clients from out of this catchment area.  For those clients, we find a mutually agreeable location to ensure that our services can be still be offered to a broader catchment.  Only on limited occasions do we provider after hour appointments.

Our service is not meant to be long term. Rather, we are here to guide you through the services and supports that you need. We aim to reduce the stress and burden so that your energy can be better focused on caring and supporting your child to get a good start in life and achieve their full potential.

Who is Spectrum Clarity?

Spectrum Clarity is a team of professionals who are accredited Mental Health Social Workers with the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW). Our team of social workers have a combined experience totalling 80+ years!

How do we help?

The service system is a very confusing and fragmented one with no real way of getting to the service(s) easily. Managing a household and the needs of other family members while trying to find information and support following a diagnosis of yout child can cause additional anxiety and stress for you, the parents. At Spectrum Clarity, our aim is to change that.

At Spectrum Clarity, the goal of our Social Workers is to work collaboratively with you to identify the right mix and intensity of services and support suited to your specific goals for your child/young person. We will draw on our ‘deep’ knowledge to determine appropriate supports for your child and/or young person, within the context of your family.

What will we help you with?

We will work with you to develop a plan of supports. We will help you find those services and guide you in the decision making process to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce some of the stress and anxiety. We are a private ‘gateway’ Provider – independent from any service provider – so that we are not biased and can guide well and in the best interests of your child and family to simply help you get on your way!

* (Miodrag & Hoadpp, 2010; Estes at al., 2009)


We will help to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce the stress and anxiety.

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