About Spectrum Clarity

Spectrum Clarity emerged as an idea after Elaine Jackson’s own frustrating experience with the early intervention and welfare service system. Her story starts when her child aged five was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD – Asperger Disorder).

Elaine and her husband were immediately struck with a range of emotions including sadness, grief, sorrow, anxiety, and confusion as they felt the full impact of the diagnosis of their child. Elaine wanted help and information to try to make sense of what the diagnosis meant, not only for the present but for the future too. She also wanted information about: What school will my child go to? Will my child be able to get a job? Who will look after my child if something happens to me?

But Elaine did not know where to begin. The internet provided information about what an Autism Spectrum Disorder was but there was little or no information on what services were required, where they were located, how much they would cost and more importantly, if services were found, were they any good and reputable? So even as an experienced social worker, she found it hard and could only imagine how difficult it would be for parents who are not familiar with the system.

The Spectrum Clarity Idea

The idea for a service was born but remained dormant as Elaine invested her time, energy and resources in supporting her child with a raft of early intervention therapies to optimise his potential.

Since her son’s diagnosis in 2010, the time is ripe to make the idea real. Leveraging on Elaine’s own personal experience combined with her Accredited Mental Health Social Work professional qualifications; Elaine has established a private professional practice called Spectrum Clarity.

Spectrum Clarity is a team of professionals who are accredited Mental Health Social Workers with the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW). Our team of social workers have a combined experience totalling 80+ years! The principal function of Spectrum Clarity is to help parents/carers access services efficiently and effectively for their child (ren) who are presenting with Developmental Delay and/or an Autism Spectrum Disorder including associated disorders. (We also work with young people up to the aged of 25 years with a particular focus on life transitions). The service system is a very confusing and fragmented one with no real way of getting to the service(s) easily. Managing a household and the needs of other family members while trying to find information and support following concerns and/or diagnosis of your child can cause additional anxiety and stress for you, as parents. At Spectrum Clarity, our aim is to change that.

At Spectrum Clarity, the goal of our Social Workers is to work collaboratively with you to identify the right mix and intensity of services and support suited to your specific goals for your child/young person within the context of your broader family pressures and/or financial situation. We will draw on our ‘deep’ knowledge to determine appropriate supports for your child and family, including information, emotional support and specialised early intervention supports.

We will work with you to develop a plan of supports. We will help you find those services and guide you in the decision making process to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce some of the stress and anxiety. We are a private ‘gateway’ Provider – independent from any service provider – so that we are not biased and can guide well and in the best interests of your child and family to simply help you get on your way!


We will help to ‘demystify’ the system and reduce some of the stress and anxiety.

The Spectrum Clarity Logo Explained


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