Self Managing your NDIS Plan

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Self Managing your NDIS Plan – a video explaining it all!

Self-managing your NDIS plan gives you choice and control over the supports and services you purchase to help you achieve your goals.

This means that you, a family member or a trusted person will have complete control over your funds – including paying your supports and service providers.

In this video, we’ll explain what you need to do in order to self-manage your plan.

If you choose to self-manage you will have:

1. The ability to choose any provider or support that will help you to meet your plan goals. The providers do not need to be registered with the NDIS.

2. The capacity to be innovative and flexible when purchasing services and supports to best meet your needs.

3. You will be responsible for making sure the services and support you purchase are reasonable and necessary and help you to achieve your NDIS plan goals. You will also need to manage your budget so you can purchase the supports you need for the duration of your plan. As a self-managed participant you will be in control of:
• Selecting and arranging your service providers and support.
• Requesting invoices and receipts for services.
• Processing Payment Requests for the services through the NDIS Participant Portal myplace
• And then paying your service providers.
NDIS will want to hear about how you have achieved your plan goals using the support and services you have purchased. You will need to keep receipts and maintain records of services and supports used.

As a self-managed participant you will have flexibility to use your allocated NDIS budget to purchase services that help you to self-manage your funds and supports.

If you would like to self-manage but are unsure whether you are ready to self-manage all aspects of your NDIS budget, don’t worry.

Talk to NDIS about what supports are available to help you develop the skills that you need.

This could include a Support Coordinator who can help to get you started, a Plan Manager to help you manage your funds or a Local Area Coordinator or Early Childhood Partner who can help you find services and supports.

To find out more about self-managing your NDIS plan, go to or call us on 1800 800 110.

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