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Ivana Stipanovic

Director, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Support Coordinator, Trainer

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As a Social Worker with over 25 years of experience, one question that I was asked about half-way through my career was “Why did you want to become a social worker?” The simple answer to that was “I want to help people”.

The majority of my career has seen me working with children and families in various roles around health, early intervention, and autism. Most of my work has been on an individual one to one basis. My passion through my career has been to support families, listen to them and guide them through life’s difficult times. I say difficult times because most people don’t come looking for a social worker if their life is going the way they wanted and expected.

Starting with where the family/individual is at and respecting their story past, present and future and empowering families to continue forward on their own with confidence, are the skills I most value of myself.

Over 10 years ago I completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as I also love to impart my knowledge and teach people new things. The Certificate gave me the skills I needed to continue doing this in a structured manner. Over the years I trained & supported a variety of professionals, parents and colleagues on many topics. The joy of collaborating with an organisation/team to create a training program that ensures the delivery of information in a clear and concise manner that fits their needs, brings me great satisfaction.

During my career and before I studied, I was given opportunities for leadership. My leadership and support roles started way back in high school as a House Captain, shortly after leaving high school I was selected to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. While finishing off my social work degree and gaining full time employment in my chosen field, I was asked to be the weekend store manager at a music store I worked which started my leadership skills professionally. One of the positions during my journey of life that tested and honed my skills was being asked to lead a complex health care team at the Mercy Hospital for over 5 years that I cherish.

Over the years I have held many different positions both in paid and volunteer capacity, they say variety is the spice of life and I certainly love the challenge of both working with individuals and continuing to support, up and coming social work students, and support the continued growth of social workers. I support University Students while on placements and enjoy the formal supervision I provide to Social Workers.

The aim of starting Elevatedu was to continue to impart my knowledge to many that find the NDIS a scary/frustrating and unknown sector. To be able to provide further training to individuals, organisations and services. To provide supervision to social workers, while valuing who I am, and most importantly what I still enjoy doing which is parenting my 3 beautiful children and having the flexibility of being able to attend the vital milestones in their lives.

I have spent the last four years working in the NDIS space as a support coordinator.   I worked for an organisation that specialised in paediatric autism, and we have incredible growth over the three years we operated. As we were boutique, we gained a very deep knowledge of the NDIS and I look forward to imparting my knowledge to those who need support and don’t know where to turn. I hope to pave the path forward with a much smoother more enlightened journey.

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