Consumer Charter
Our Commitment to you

Access – Finding services

Our goal is to make life a little easier and this is why we travel to your home. We will work with you to develop a plan of supports. We will help you find those services and guide you in the decision making process to help ‘demystify’ the system and hopefully reduce some of the stress and anxiety. We are a private ‘gateway’ Provider – independent from any service provider – so that we are not biased and hopefully guide well and in the best interests of your child and family to simply help you get on your way!

Respect and dignity

When you use services from Spectrum Clarity, you can be assured that every interaction will be conducted in an honest, trustworthy, confidential and respectful manner. This includes being free from exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect and we ask that you treat us in the same manner.

Information and communication

The philosophy of Spectrum Clarity is providing one-on-one support to parents of a child (ren) with Developmental Delay and/or an Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated disorders to get clear and accurate information to help you access the services you need for their child. We also provide emotional support to parents because of the increased psychological distress. We also support parents of children and young people up to the age of 18, including key life transitions.

Our approach is simple:

We listen to you, the parent, about your child within the context of your family; so that we can identify the right services and supports that are going to best fit your family, family pressures and commitment as well as financial circumstances.


When you use services from Spectrum Clarity, we will provide you with information about our feedback system including showing you the easiest way for you to provide that feedback.

Where the feedback is a complaint, we will do our best to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed in a prompt, fair, courteous and confidential manner and without fear of retribution.

Simply, our goal at Spectrum Clarity is to have the very best service. We will readily listen to ideas that you have to make the experience better.


We will respect your privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. SC has a privacy policy and will abide by this policy at all times.

Consumer Charter
Your Commitment to us

Respect and Dignity

We ask that when you meet with your Social Worker that you treat this person with respect and dignity, including respecting their human and legal industrial rights to be in a safe environment.

In the same way that we will treat you with respect and dignity free of exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect, we ask that you treat us in the same manner.

Services and Support

You will provide enough information about yourself and your situation to help Spectrum Clarity support you in meeting your needs, aspirations and circumstances.

Where Spectrum Clarity uses a service agreement for services provided, we ask that you abide by the terms of the written agreement. Where your circumstances change, we ask that you contact us and where necessary, an updated plan may be required.

You will accept responsibility for your own actions and choices even if some of those actions and choices may involve an element of risk.


You agree to sign the Terms and Conditions payment form prior to commencing service at Spectrum Clarity as this acknowledges your agreement to our cancellation policy and payment process.


You have the right to comment to provide feedback at any time, including receiving information in how to make such feedback.

Privacy Statement

Spectrum Clarity Pty Ltd is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. The National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Privacy Principles in the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) establish benchmarks for how personal and health information should be handled. These principles have been adopted at Spectrum Clarity Pty Ltd as part of operating procedure and best practice.

Spectrum Clarity’s Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personally identifying information that we collect and hold in a uniform manner and with the highest regard taken for maintaining security at all times.

If you have any privacy questions and/or would like a copy of Spectrum Clarity’s Privacy Policy, please discuss with your Social Worker or e-mail via

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