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Mothers of children with developmental
disabilities are at greater risk for
more stress, psychological distress.

Parent Support Services


Early Intervention has
proven results showing
greater development.

Early Intervention Support

Support Plans

If your child has Autism
there is funding available,
we can help you.

Autism Support

Child Focussed, Family Centred

Spectrum Clarity is an accredited NDIS Service Provider providing Autism support services for children commonly referred to as Coordination of Supports.

Our aim is to help you access funding and put the best supports and services in place for your child. We are there to help you navigate the maze of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and other funding options. We are also accredited social workers that can provide much needed support to parents who often face significant stress and anxiety as a result of their child’s Autism diagnosis.


NDIS Pre Access and Planning Services


Parent Support Services


NDIS Service Coordination Services


Advocacy Services

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Parent Support

Early Intervention

Life Transition

Autism Support

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